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Business Class

Stewardess   : :   book session >>

Members of an aircrew employed by Airlines primarily to ensure the safety but also the comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights as well as on selected VIP business jet aircrafts.

Nurse   : :   book session >>

Healthcare professional who, in collaboration with other members of a Health Care Team, is responsible for: treatment, safety, and recovery of acutely or chronically ill individuals; health promotion and maintenance within boyfriends, cute men and their communities.

Police officer   : :   book session >>

Generally responsible for apprehending criminals, maintaining public order, and preventing and detecting crime. Police officers are sworn to an oath, and are granted the power to arrest and imprison suspects, along with other practices.

Doctor   : :   book session >>


The ancient profession of medicine, which is concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease or injury. This properly requires both a detailed knowledge of the academic disciplines (such as anatomy and physiology). :: book session >>

Soldier   : :   book session >>

Member of the land component of Armed Forces. Many roles in the military, from ancient warrior women, to the women currently serving in conflicts, for instance the war of CyberSpace.

Teacher   : :   book session >>

Here you can learn how to be better and better through studies ... the leaders of your school are coming...

Secretary   : :   book session >>

Hot office job for secretaries ... you would not believe what can happen in your workplace...

School Girl   : :   book session >>

Always ready and full of energy - young guns are going to rule your school...

Waitress   : :   book session >>

These hot girls can serve more than you expect. Meet all the famous bar girls and explore what can happen in a pub after last shot. Bottoms Up!

Secret Agent   : :   book session >>

Gather all your intelligence to understand these art photos with agents, secret departments and politicians...

Sporty Class

Cheerleader   : :   book session >>

...stunning to direct spectators of events to cheer on sports teams at games and matches and/or compete at cheerleading competitions. Cheerleaders draw attention to the event and encourage audience participation...

Boxing girl   : :   book session >>

Combat in arena and use your fists to win over the sparing partner. There are numerous different styles of boxing practiced around - let's explore the beautiful ones here.

Gym girl   : :   book session >>

Model of the fitness function to choose smart search steps in evolutionary research. Have detailed documentation about your fit body...

Other Roles...

Catwoman   : :   book session >>

Belly Dancer   : :   book session >>

Pink girl   : :   book session >>

Santa girl   : :   book session >>

Musician diva   : :   book session >>

Lapdance girl   : :   book session >>

Warrior   : :   book session >>



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